What If I Curl My Veil? And Other Questions, 2016

Day for Night, February 20 - 21, 2016

Performance Space

Sydney, Australia

"Sydney-based artist Cigdem Aydemir has become celebrated for her charged, provocative performances, installations and video work. Equally humorous, critical and political, Aydemir’s work explores the power dynamics of contemporary culture and has a particular interest in representations of Islam and the image of the veiled woman. For Day for Night: 24HRS, Aydemir will create a new performance and video series that applies the icons and tropes of Western hair and beauty culture to the figure of the veiled woman. Taking place throughout the Day for Night weekend, What If I Curl My Veil? And Other Questions will see Aydemir atop a specially-constructed plinth inside an installation of screens, performing a specially-conceived beauty routine that is at one absurd, glamorous and provocative."

- Performance Space, Sydney

Link to article in UN MAGAZINE, 10.2, October 2016 'Scene, and being seen at Day for Night' by Luke Letourneau


Photo credits: Marion Moore, Hospital Hill, Akin Sevinc