Ruby, 2018

Single channel HD video with sound

3 min 59 sec

Commissioned by Bankstown Arts Centre

Ruby is a video piece recorded at Potts Hill, at the site where Ruby Payne-Scott performed her world-renowned research into Radio Physics and Astronomy. Much like her figure in the canon of scientific research, she emerges only briefly, her ghostly presence enlivening a desolate, disused landscape. Payne-Scott hid several aspects of her identity, such as her marriage and pregnancy, to continue her work as a scientist. She was also known to wear shorts when it was illegal for her to do so. Her skills of camouflage and rebellious feminist nature are reflected in this homage to her story and her legacy as a world renowned scientist.


Videography: John A Douglas
Sound: Trevor Brown (Composer, Performer) Music Excerpt "Tunnel Gric, Zagreb" from Columns and Chambers