The New National Sport
Presented by Arts House Melbourne
Performance date | 10am - 6pm, 8 December, 2018
@ Argyle Square, Melbourne

Imposed Inconvenience: Who’s Afraid of Public Art?
Article by Alex Wisser

Camouflage Artist Talk
Join artists Cigdem Aydemir, Deborah Kelly and My Le Thi alongside Bankstown Arts Centre Director Vandana Ram as they discuss the works in CAMOUFLAGE and the process of using the life of Ruby Payne-Scott as a reference for creative expression.
Artist Talk date | 1-2pm, 27 October, 2018.
@ Bankstown Arts Centre, NSW

Three artists explore the concept of Camouflage as a metaphor for women’s stories and experience, referencing the local story of Ruby Payne-Scott and her work at Potts Hill Astronomy Hut.
Exhibition Opening | 2pm, 6 October, 2018.
@ Bankstown Arts Centre, NSW

The Politicised Body
What is it for your body to be politicised? How can a body either uphold or defy systems of oppression, and how do artists use their bodies to inform their work? This talk gathers artists who use their physical selves to form everyday acts of resistance, disruption and sometimes beauty.
Speakers include: Cigdem Aydemir (artist), Amrita Hepi (dancer and writer), Julie- Ann Long (dance artist and academic), and, Kelli Jean Drinkwater (filmmaker and artist)
Moderator: Jeff Khan
Talk Contemporary, Presented by Copyright Agency.
Talk date | 4pm, 13 September, 2018.
@ Sydney Contemporary, Carriageworks, NSW

Site of Passage Discussion and Placestories workshop
Join the curators Claire Field and Tian Zhang, with exhibiting artists Cigdem Aydemir, Liam Benson and Nicole Monks in a panel discussion exploring the influence of place, experiences and rituals in the formation of who we are.
Afterwards, we welcome you to participate in a PlaceStories workshop, where you will have the opportunity to reflect upon your own personal connection to a place in the world and how this has contributed to who you are today. During the workshop, you will be guided by the curators to write and upload a story to share with the Site of Passage online community. If you have a photograph or image that connects you to a place of personal significance, please bring this along to add to your contribution.
Site of Passage encourages conversations about who we are and what we can learn from each other.
Panel Discussion date | 11am, 25 August, 2018.
@ Customs House, NSW

Black Mist Burnt Country Finnisage Forum
A panel discussion on the role and scope of political art in the digital age. How has social media changed the political landscape and artist commentary?
Speakers: Professor Gay Hawkins, JD Mittman, Blak Douglas, Ian Milliss, Cigdem Aydemir, Alice Hinton-Bateup & Maxine Conaty.
Panel Discussion date | 2pm, 29 July, 2018.
@ Penrith Regional Gallery and The Lewers Bequest, NSW

Site of Passage
Site of Passage explores the journeys and experiences that make who we are. Curated by Claire Field and Tian Zhang, Site of Passage references the history of Customs House as a place of transition and cross-cultural interaction.
The exhibition features 9 artists who have undertaken a personal voyage, ritual or action to assert themselves and their place within Australian culture.
Reflecting on personal connections to place and history, Site of Passage encourages conversations about our own experiences and what we can learn from each other.
Artists: Atong Atem, Cigdem Aydemir, Anindita Banerjee, Liam Benson, Vonda Keji, Nikki Lam, Nicole Monks, Raquel Ormella and Christian Thompson.
Exhibition dates | 28 April - 28 October, 2018
@ Customs House, Circular Quay, NSW

New Sacred
new sacred
The exhibition New Sacred has been developed as a partnership between Parramatta Artists Studios and Mosman Art Gallery in response to critical discourses in contemporary Australian art practices concerning storytelling through ritual, cultural traditions, narratives and folklore. New Sacred includes newly commissioned and recent artworks by nine established contemporary Australian artists who are current residents or Alumni of the Parramatta Artists Studios. Together the artists work across a range of art media including installation, performance, video, painting and cross disciplinary practices, some with direct reference to and engagement with culturally rich artisan traditions.
Artists include: Adorned, Khadim Ali, Cigdem Aydemir, Keg de Souza, Mehwish Iqbal, Elena Papanikolakis, Marikit Santiago, Salote Tawale and Shireen Taweel.
Exhibition opens | 6:30pm, 13 July, 2018
Exhibition dates | 14 July - 8 September, 2018
@ Mosman Art Gallery, NSW

Whirl @ Centre for Contemporary Photography
ccp ccp
(image: Madé Spencer-Castle)
Exhibition dates | 8 June - 15 July, 2018
@ CCP (Centre for Contemporary Photography), Melbourne, VIC

UTS Photography Guest Lecture Program
the photography

The New National Sport

The New National Sport is a new performance work that was going to be presented at the Festival of Live Art (FOLA, Melbourne), 2018.
Performance date | 24 March, 2018    (link to Facebook invite)
@ Argyle Square, Carlton, Melbourne

Public Galleries Summit 2018
I will be presenting as part of a panel discussion on 'Place and Space' at the 2018 Public Galleries Summit
Panel discussion date | 19 March, 2018
@ Carriageworks, Sydney

Unfinished Business
Unfinished Business is a major exhibition conceived to animate critical, albeit under-represented, practices and debates within contemporary Australian art and society.
Surveying the diverse scope of feminist art practices - including painting, performance, photography and film to community engagement and cultural activism - the exhibition focuses upon the dynamic formal invention and social engagement of feminist artists. It explores strategies and analyses of gender identity and representation, intersectional politics, and practices which embrace performative codes, text and media technologies, humour and critique.
Asking why feminism is still relevant, necessary and critical, Unfinished Business explores trans-generational legacies, inheritances and shifts, alongside contemporary conditions and concerns - to stimulate new debates and discussions around the 'unfinished business' of feminism today.
(link to Sydney Morning Herald review by Robert Nelson)
Exhibition dates | 15 December 2017 - 25 March, 2018
@ ACCA (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art), VIC

Landing Points
Exhibition dates | 2 December 2017 - 4 March, 2018
@ Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest, NSW
landing points
Landing Points takes Tracey Moffatt's work Up in the Sky as a starting point in consideration of the last 20 years of race, place and identity in Australia. Ten artists respond to the cultural complexities layered in the Australian landscape and our relation to it.
Artists include: Tim Johnson, Jason Wing, Alana Hunt, Caroline Garcia, Victoria Garcia, Carla Liesch, Nicole Monks, Mark Shorter, Cigdem Aydemir, Hayley Megan French. Photo credit: Silversalt
Exhibition opens | Friday 1 December, 2017    (link to Facebook invite)

A documentary exploring the works of several contemporary Australian Muslim artists
WATCH FULL DOCUMENTARY HERE (Australia only): http://iview.abc.net.au/programs/you-see-monsters/AC1612V001S00