2020 Virtual Reality Studios
I'll be teaming up with Tactical Space Lab in 2020 to experiment with Virtual Reality projects and ideas.

Excited to announce that I will be represented by Finkelstein Gallery, Melbourne.
Chuffed to be amongst such a brilliant line up of female artists and peers; Kate Baker, Monika Behrens, Coady, Deborah Kelly, Louise Paramor, Lisa Roet, Kate Rohde, Sonal Kantaria and Kim Lieberman.
My deepest thanks to the powerhouse that is Lisa Fehily for bringing me on board
Launch Exhibition | 31 August – 5 October, 2019.
Basement 2 / 1 Victoria St
Windsor 3181

In Between Time Summit 2019
Performance | 11 - 13 October, 2019.
@ In Between Time, Bristol, UK

HIDDEN Rookwood Films 2019
HIDDEN Rookwood Films will be exhibited as a part of Rookwood Sculptures 2019. This year, over 30 sculptural artworks will be placed in amongst the graves at Rookwood Cemetery and for the second time this digital component will be added to the exhibition.
Exhibition open | 7 September - 7 October, 2019.
@ Rookwood Cemetery (American War Pavilion), Sydney

What We Have To Say
What We Have to Say, explores the work of contemporary Australian artists, whose creative practice questions and disrupts a traditional and conservative art discourse. The exhibition more broadly asks the viewer to question the impact of these disruptions to the centre, from the margins. How they shape the ways in which we understand and navigate the increasingly dynamic and complex spaces we occupy. Artists: Cigdem Aydemir, Kieran Butler, Cybele Cox, Rachael Haynes and Jumaadi
Exhibition open | 26 July - 8 September, 2019.
@ Hawkesbury Regional Gallery, Sydney

'Art Life Balance' - Panel discussion at Movers and Makers 2019

"Is your practice taking over your life? Or is life getting in the way of your practice? Esther Anatolitis (NAVA) will facilitate a conversation with artists Abdul Abdullah, Cigdem Aydemir and Harriet Body on the less discussed aspects of being an artist, including managing admin, juggling a day job and finding time for a personal life."

Panel discussion | 11:30am-12:30pm, 25 May, 2019.
@ Parramatta Artist Studios, Parramatta

'Power, Politics and Gender in Western Sydney' - Panel discussion at the Sydney Writers Festival

"How do we think about power, politics and gender in Western Sydney? Ramesh Mario Nithiyendran pushes the boundaries of figurative sculpture and ceramics conventions through his multidisciplinary art practice. In 2019, the artist will present his first solo exhibition in a Western Sydney art space at Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre. In conjunction with his new exhibition, Ramesh will be joined by a panel of prominent artists and writers to discuss the themes of power, politics and gender, and their resonance in a Western Sydney context."

Panel discussion | 1-2pm, 5 May, 2019.
@ Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, Sydney

UTS team wins highest honour at Milan design triennale

‘Teatro Della Terra Alienata’ wins the Golden Bee award at the Milan Triennale

"Australia’s pavilion at the XXII Triennale di Milano has received the event’s premier award – the Golden Bee – in recognition of “the precision of their interpretation of the theme and the quality and relevance of the ideas they put forth.”
"The Australian pavilion, titled Teatro della Terra Alienata (Theatre of the Alienated Land), was curated by researchers from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building: Amaia Sanchez-Velasco, Jorge Valiente Oriol, Gonzalo Valiente and Miguel Rodriguez-Casellas."
"The pavilion features the work of artists Cigdem Aydemir, Liam Benson, Madison Bycroft, Shoufay Derz, Janet Laurence and Patricia Reed."

Exhibition open | 1 March - 1 September, 2019.
@ Palazzo dell’Arte Milano, Italy

‘Teatro Della Terra Alienata’ (Theatre of The Alienated Land)

Two video works (The Ride 2017 and Extremist Activity (swing), 2012) will be presented as part of the Australian Pavillion at the 2019 Milan Triennale co-directed by Amaia Sánchez-Velasco, Jorge Valiente Oriol, Gonzalo Valiente, and Miguel Rodríguez-Casellas.

"‘Teatro Della Terra Alienata’ portrays the Great Barrier Reef as a territory in intensive care. The reef is presented as an ecosystem managed by an arsenal of technological devices in charge of monitoring its fate as well as sustaining its fragile condition and the public’s hope. The pavilion is an installation and a curatorial project that addresses the urgency raised by the United Nations IPCC’s report published in 2018. The alarming document framed the decay of the Great Barrier Reef as part of a wicked problem that demands radical national and global political action, along with new imaginaries and aesthetics of the natural. 'Teatro Della Terra Alienata’ imagines the Great Barrier Reef as a state of exception through the fictional narration of a territorial secession. It also stages a poetic arsenal configured by re-appropriated and re-programmed robotic technologies of surveillance and ecological management currently embedded in the life cycles of the reef."

Exhibition open | 1 March - 1 September, 2019.
@ Palazzo dell’Arte Milano, Italy

Just Not Australian
The origins and implications of Australian identity and national mythology are explored through the frames of immigration, satire, larrikinism and resistance.
This exhibition features work by leading local artists from different generations and media including Soda_Jerk, Vincent Namitjira, Abdul Abdullah, Cigdem Aydemir, Karla Dickens and more. The works engage critically with this moment in Australian history and the politically-loaded public discourse around what it means to be ‘unAustralian’.
Exhibition open | 18 January - 31 March, 2019.
@ Artspace, Sydney